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Thought For The Day…Aug 26, 2012

I decided to add to my repertoire of whimsical alliterations and provide you with something sensational, sizzling, with star studded satire, and Non sequiturs.

Now, for the first time from the recesses of the inner sanctum of my very private and Top Secret brain comes the advice the world has been waiting for.

Hold on to your hats.

The reveal is about to be disclosed.

You my faithful, fellow bloggers, will be the first to be blessed with these quirky quips and questionable quotes, before the world at large catches on.

You will be the first to profit enormously from these tidbits of wit and wisdom never before revealed outside the secret chambers of my cerebral cortex, except for the part my hippocampus disclosed on a date with my pineal gland.

Your life will be changed forever after you ponder the preposterous and yet prophetic philosophical pronouncements proffered in pleasant pedantry.

We are cleared for take off.

Now… here it is … your thought for today…

Remember this. You will never measure up to anyone’s expectations without a rule of thumb.



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