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A Hopper, skip and a jump.

Dish Network has been sued by Fox, CBS, and NBC over its Hopper DVR. The TIVO like device automatically skips over ads, cutting into broadcasters’ revenue.

God forbid we should miss an advert on TV.

Oh, where did I put that box of tissues? I’m going to ruin the new wood flooring with my copious tears for the networks.

I haven’t felt this bad since my last colonoscopy prep.


Dish has been sued for its Hopper,

It is a real ad stopper;

It skips over ads,

For me that’s not bad,

I won’t have to watch that floor mopper.


TV Land is Eight Grand

LG says in May, it will roll out a groundbreaking 55-inch OLED TV for around $8000. Hmmm.

Here’s what I think about that…

The TV a young man once had,

Was always making him mad,

He spent 8K bucks.

On a LG deluxe,

Now he’s broke and awfully sad.

They’re everywhere.

This is for the birds.

No. You're confusing us with that TV famiily from the 70s.

National Pig Day!

It's National Pig Day. I don't know whether to celebrate or hide.

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