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PC Protection Pitiful

According to security firm, McAfee, nearly 20 percent of Windows PCs in the U.S. alone aren’t running any anti-virus software on their machines.

Sixty three percent of those computers have no security software at all.  That’s risky business!


There are folks who have no protection,

It’s sure to give them infections;

The percentage is high,

Though it’s easy to buy,

They’ll get hit without any detection.

Flame’s Features Frustrating

The powerful new “Flame” virus can destroy itself when commanded by the writers of the malware. That completely wipes all traces of the Flame from infected computers, making it impossible to be studied or defeated.


The Flame is a new kind of threat

It’s something you won’t want to get;

It wipes itself clean,

So it can’t be seen,

It’s something you will not forget.

Beware all Androidians. Security Alert!

According to some computer security experts, there is now a “drive-by” virus (a virus you can get by visiting a site which is malicious), which can infect Androids. So, be careful all you Androidians.


There is an old man named O’Cyrus,

Whose Android keeps getting a virus;

It comes from a site,

That isn’t quite right,

We’ll fix it if he will just hire us.

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