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Hurray for Handy Household Helpers

The makers of robots are making big strides. It won’t be long before we see bots capable of helping us around the house.

That will be great for those who are physically challenged.

The robots will be programmed to do whatever we think they should do. You want yours to sweep the floor, just think that. You want one to cook dinner for five? Think of it.

One word of caution. We don’t know how far they will go in responding to our thoughts. Will they commit a crime if we should think of one? If they did, who would be responsible and be jailed for it?

If you were with someone and you thought you’d like to punch them in the face, would the bot start swinging?

Would the bot reveal your thoughts about your family, friends, co-workers, or boss in their presence?

The possibilities are endless?

It reminds me of robots in the Woody Allen film, Sleeper. They were spectacular.


A robot that can read our mind,

Will be useful for our daily grind;

Controlled by our thoughts,

It’s the best of the bots,

It’s something I wish I could find.


Will they do everything you think?

Will they wash the dishes in the sink?

Will they tell you boss off?

Will they take your socks off?

Will they put colors in the wash with the whites and make them pink?

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