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Can Apple now be called Crapple?

There’s trouble in Apple’s App City.

Apple’s iOS apps are becoming unstable and/or crashing. It happens after updates, or downloads. It affects games like Angry Birds Space and Instapaper.

The app developers are blaming Apple.

What’s the big deal? There’s always at least one bad app-le in every basket.


Apple’s apps are now gone a crashing,

Now people are into Apple bashing;

They’re red in the face,

Like those Birds out in Space,

And the competition can’t keep from laughing.


It’s not just for the birds.

Now you can tour Angry Birds Land. It’s an amusement park in Finland. Like most amusement parks, it has restaurants (where you can pig out), games, rides, and Angry Birds related toys. You can even have a fling.

And, it’s okay to give someone the “bird” without ruffling anyone’s feathers.

Way to go Finland.

BTW remember this:  Just watch out where you step. You never know where one of those nasty pigs have pooped.


Angry Birds are now living in Finland,

In a park somewhere on the mainland,

The place is quite big,

It has many pigs,

Souvenirs are in really high demand.

We’re gonna need a bigger net!

Note: This will be on the next test.

A recent study revealed that Internet traffic could reach one trillion gigabytes in four years. That’s a “zetabyte”.

 It is estimated that 18.9 billion devices could be connected by then.

Hey, here’s an idea. Why not be a part of it?


Soon the net will serve up a zetabyte,

That’s a number that’s really outta sight;

It’s one trillion gigs,

With angry birds and pigs,

It’s amazing it gets things mostly right.

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