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Happy Valentines’s Day 2015

I decided to repost a cartoon I did a few years ago for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you like it. 🙂

Valentine Request


Hacking Hi-jinks Highlighted

At a recent security conference, they introduced computer hackers as young as eight years old.

The event even featured security exercises as a challenge for them.

Whatever happened to kids watching cartoons, playing games outdoors, or reading a book?

Oh yeah. They are all sitting around the house alone texting each other.


Hackers as young as eight?

They hack and they think it’s great.

They break into computers,

Instead of riding scooters.

It’s something we all would berate.

Smartphone sensors make sense.

Your smartphone’ s sensors can be used to automatically record every move you make with an app called, Placeme. It knows where you’re going, where you have been, and maybe even what you were up to.

I guess it depends on the sensors involved (in the phone that is).

This can certainly put an end to the old interrogation scene:

Mom or Dad:  “Where have you been?”

Child:   “No where.”

Mom or Dad: “What did you do?”

Child: “Nothing.”

Mom or Dad: “Let me see your phone.”


Your smartphone can now track your movements,

Some people think it’s an improvement;

It knows where you are,

On foot or by car,

It might even provide some amusement.

Stop Flying in the House (corrected)

How many times have I told you kids, no flying in the house?

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