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Malware Machinations Make Many Miserable

The Great Guru of Gizmos says…

McAfee, a computer security firm, said they have added more than thirty million kinds of malware to its suspect database in the last twelve months (or a year whichever you prefer).

That’s one way to sell anti-virus software.

I wonder what the other security companies have found in the way of malware?

I hope you’re equipped with some kind of anti-virus software.

We are on the cusp of March. Beware of the ides.


Malware is now on the rise,

To me it is not a surprise;

You’ll someday go wacky,

By some sneaky hacky,

It may cause your system’s demise.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Surfing Study Suggests Secret Searches

A survey by McAfee, a security company, found that 70 percent of children visit web sites which contain dangerous material.

And, the kids hide that fact from their parents.

That’s disturbing, but not a surprise. Kids will be kids.

Remember when surfing just mean riding the waves? That was pretty safe, save for a shark bite every now and then.


We must watch our kid’s web activity,

We cannot stand by with passivity;

It’s dangerous out there,

We must be aware,

We must curb their natural proclivity.

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