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Kirk Trumps Trump

I saw this photoshopped photo floating around the web.

I thought some of you might like it, especially early, Star Trek fans. 

It’s from the episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles”.


Kirk -Trump

Big Brother Strikes Again!

The US Congress has introduced a bill which will require black boxes in vehicles. If it passes all vehicles made in the U.S. will have the recorders installed. The government will be able to see where we go, and how we drive our vehicles.

Talk about an invasion of privacy.


U.S. cars may all get a black box,

The government will make the box talk;

It will tell where we’ve been,

Again and again,

An intrusion worse than the Small Pox.

Old Geezer Philosophy 101

I'm for Socialism as long as it doesn't affect me.

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