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Perfect Partners Parting


Study: Marriages Between Perfectly Matched Couples Should Still Only Last About 15 Years


In a new study released Friday that challenges contemporary notions of marital satisfaction, researchers at the University of Central Florida found that unions even between perfectly matched couples should only last around 15 years.

“Contrary to the traditional idea of ‘until death do us part,’ our findings indicate that partners compatible in every way should nevertheless be married no longer than a decade and a half,” said lead researcher Dr. Hank Grossman, adding that the physical and emotional intimacy of marriage is “more or less fully depleted” by the 15-year mark, even among two people who could not have found a better fit than each other.

“The data suggests that the most personally fulfilled, satisfied couples—those who consider their partner their soul mate—choose to part ways before codependency or feelings of entrapment emerge. It’s fair to say that any marriage lasting more than 15 years is almost certainly a product of serious dysfunction.”

Grossman added that 15 years was the uppermost limit, and that two people who were truly meant to be together may exhaust their relationship in half that time.

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Divorce after fifteen years,

Could bring most couples to tears,

When they realize their fears,

That they’re like all their peers.


Even with the best soul mate,

Found on their first blind date,

A breakup will be their fate,

A marriage they won’t reinstate.


A study made it clear,

The results are quite severe,

It’s nothing to be cheered,

Their love will disappear.


© 2014 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved

Bots Bee-having Bee-like

Scientists can be found spending their time, and probably our federal grant money, mapping the thought processes of cute, little honey bees.

They want to use the insect’s bee-havior to integrate it into robots.

They hope the robots will then fly like bees. (I hope they don’t sting us.)

Maybe they will ask Rob-bee the Robot to help them.

Can you imagine the tiny probes used to capture a bee’s thoughts?

And, what do bee’s thoughts sound like? The Bee Gees?

The poor little honey combers can’t be thinking very logical or coherent thoughts.

After all, most of the time they have a buzz on.


Robots that think like bees?

They’ll fly over overhead on the breeze.

Will they make honey,

On days that are sunny?

Or handle our money?

Or say things quite funny?

Will they do whatever they please?





Big Battery Blues or Current Events

Researchers have come up with a new kind of lithium-ion battery that can be painted on just about any surface.

That means no more thick, heavy batteries in electronic devices.

Could this be the answer to the current heavy, electric car batteries?

It can be painted on just about any surface? (I’ll let your imagination work on that fact.)


They can paint on a new kind of battery,

That’s one thing that I’d like really to see;

It’s not very thick,

Like one of those bricks,

It’s something we need wouldn’t you agree?

Ketchup Has Finally Caught Up

M.I.T. has really been busy lately. Here’s another tidbit.

M.I.T. researchers have developed a new high tech coating for the inside of plastic ketchup bottles. It will allow the ketchup to pour out quickly.

Just think. We now can cut seconds of agony from our lives.

And, no more dirty fingers in the ketchup bottle.

I’ll still be seeing red, but much faster.


A new coating to help ketchup pour,

Who could ask for anything more?

It comes out quite fast,

For my fine repast,

This has ended the pouring uproar.

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