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Stats Suggest Squishy Suppleness


Destination Determines Desperately Demanded Dampness

An Onion report says…

“Touting his new website as the premiere online destination for visitors looking for hard-hitting analysis on the malleability and moisture of today’s NFL players, local man and incredibly creepy statistician Todd McIntosh unveiled a new website on Friday.”

“There are a lot of websites out there offering information about the game of football, but no one so far has provided facts and figures on the softness and wetness of today’s athletes that fans so desperately crave.”

“When you visit my site, you’ll have access to all the key dampness-pliability metrics, including defensive suppleness, liquid lost/yard, and QB squishiness ratings.”

” It’s all very important. I like this stuff a lot.”

“At press time, McIntosh was reportedly moistening his lips with his tongue while compiling a list of the NFL’s soggiest defensive ends.”


“The U.S. Department of Justice has reportedly shut down the site just hours after its launch, taking McIntosh into custody and confiscating dozens of soaking wet photographs of Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.”

This story was found at:,34096/


It’s all about NFL sports,

And moisture in somebody’s shorts;

A measure of sweat,

Is what we will get,

Could it be measured in quarts?

Do fans really want to know wet?

On a huge tight end for the Jets?

Why is it measured?

And the amount treasured?

It’s something I’d rather forget.

Some softness is also a factor,

In high paid NFL actors;

It’s could be didactic,

If used as a tactic,

I’m sure it will have its detractors.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved.

Robot Reporter Retorts for Sports

With the upcoming Super Bowl on the horizon, I thought this item would be appropriate.


Some unsatisfied, stat starved spectator has developed a robot containing a nauseating number of sobering sports statistics.

As if we don’t hear an apoplectic amount of them as it is.

Apparently Robbie the Robot Reporter (not its real name) can be used for any game with remarkable results.

I wonder if it gives betting odds for sporting events.


A regular robot reporter?

I’m not sure I could be a supporter;

It would know all the stats,

Of this and of that,

But it could always become out of order.

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