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Brief Browsing Brews Blues

In a recent study (probably for a Masters or PhD) it was determined that surfing the web randomly can lead one to suffer from depression.

It revealed that depressed surfers changed between sites more frequently than others who stayed on a site longer.

I know for a fact that certain sites depress me more than others.

But, I don’t think that necessarily leads to depression.

However, not having chocolates while surfing can really become depressing.


Random surfing can make an impression,

That one is suffering depression.

They surf without aim,

Not like playing a game.

And they do it session after session.

Surfing Study Suggests Secret Searches

A survey by McAfee, a security company, found that 70 percent of children visit web sites which contain dangerous material.

And, the kids hide that fact from their parents.

That’s disturbing, but not a surprise. Kids will be kids.

Remember when surfing just mean riding the waves? That was pretty safe, save for a shark bite every now and then.


We must watch our kid’s web activity,

We cannot stand by with passivity;

It’s dangerous out there,

We must be aware,

We must curb their natural proclivity.

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