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Rhinoplasty Recipient Really Riled

New York woman in her twenties underwent a rhinoplasty, also known as a Nose Job.

Later she saw, before and after pictures, of her face on the Plastic Surgeon’s website.

Anyone nosing around the web could see them.

She was shocked, especially since signed a form denying permission to use her photos.

So, she is suing the doctor, (and his nose), for a mere eighteen million dollars.

That’s what the doctor gets for sticking his nose into her business.

I don’t want to sound nosey, but what would you do, dear reader,  if it happened to you?


A woman had work on her nose,

Now, the whole darn internet knows,

She gave no permission,

Now the doc has contrition,

A law suit’s the thing that she chose.


Her pics were all over the net,

Something all could easily get,

So she filed a suit

For a pile of loot,

All the doctor can do now is fret.


© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved.

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The U.N. wants to control the web?

Last December, the U.N. proposed regulation of the Internet. Several countries, seem to be open to U.N. regulation. The U.S. doesn’t agree.

If you ask me, this is another money grab . Besides that, the U.N. can’t even control itself!


The U.N. wants control of our internet?

An idea we hope it will soon forget.

We don’t need control,

But that is its goal,

If it gets it, it’s something we’ll all regret.

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