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Dish Delivers Delightful Deal

Dish network, and Southwest Airlines unveiled a promotional deal today in which the carrier will offer live TV via satellite, paid for by Dish.

In return, travelers will see air a 30-second Dish spot when they start watching, and the satellite provider’s ads will show up in confirmation emails and at airports.

The promotion, which runs through September, will give passengers access to 14 live channels and 75 on-demand shows on their phones or tablets during about 60% of flights on Southwest, which carries more than 100 million passengers annually.

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Some free TV shows while you fly,

It’s something Dish wants you to try,

There’s some on demand,

Right at your command,

They’re hoping that someday you’ll by.


They’ll do it on SWA,

You’ll get it without having to pay,

For just a short time,

While the airplanes climb,

Just some flights will have TV all day.


© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved.


TV Land is Eight Grand

LG says in May, it will roll out a groundbreaking 55-inch OLED TV for around $8000. Hmmm.

Here’s what I think about that…

The TV a young man once had,

Was always making him mad,

He spent 8K bucks.

On a LG deluxe,

Now he’s broke and awfully sad.

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