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Miracle Makes Man Manipulate Machine

There’s a man who is conscious, but totally paralyzed. It’s known as the “Locked-in” syndrome.

He has learned how to control a computer with his eye movements.

His eye movements produce text on a computer.

He can now send tweets using his eyes.

It’s a miracle.


A paralyzed man can now tweet,

For him it’s really quite sweet,

His eyes do the work,

A wonderful perk,

That’s really a great unique feat.

Tweets From Surgical Suites

Three surgeons in Detroit rotated between working on a patient’s brain while watching a computer screen. They typed answers to tweeted questions which were sent in by medical students.

In another town, joint surgery was performed on a patient while a live-tweet session was in progress.

Overall, there have been a number of surgeries performed in the USA using Twitter in the background.

It’s becoming a useful educational aid in the medical field.


They’re now tweeting live operations.

It’s the latest surgical sensation.

They’ll cut through a bone,

While using the phone,

You can see it while you’re on vacation.

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