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Funny Business

I thought this video was pretty funny.

You may have already seen it.

If not, enjoy…

Tubers Turning To Timely Transmissions

A new study revealed that more people are turning to YouTube to see “eyewitness accounts” of events in the news.

I guess nothing escapes the eyes of vigilant YouTubers.

Now anyone can be a News Anchor, (aka Talking Head).

Just get your camera or phone and start recording.

You never know what will go viral these days.


More people use YouTube for news,

I guess they like different views,

They watch an event,

As soon as it’s sent,

Just watch, you have nothing to lose.

 © 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh


Here’s something I wrote a few years back. It was an entry for Video Maker Magazine’s, Short Video Contest. It won second prize. Its had quite a few views on YouTube over the years. It’s a spoof of late night TV commercials. Hope you like it.

CAVEAT…It’s not for the faint of heart. Animal lovers may not like it, but it’s part of the circle of life.

I hope this works. I haven’t tried to insert a video link before.

It’s called, “The Roadkill Grill”.


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