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I Hope Symantec XPedites a Quick Fix…

Symantec is at it again.

Their update to fix the SONAR virus has caused a blue screen in computers using Windows XP.

I know some of you are asking, “What the heck is XP?”

Others query, “Didn’t XP go out with the dinosaurs?”

Actually quite a few people still use it because it’s sooo gentle on the skin and the mind. I was sorry to se it go.


Symantec has caused a blue screen,

Not yellow, or orange or green;

An update’s at fault,

Some shout, oy gevalt,

I can’t wait ’till my registry’s clean.

Flame’s Features Frustrating

The powerful new “Flame” virus can destroy itself when commanded by the writers of the malware. That completely wipes all traces of the Flame from infected computers, making it impossible to be studied or defeated.


The Flame is a new kind of threat

It’s something you won’t want to get;

It wipes itself clean,

So it can’t be seen,

It’s something you will not forget.

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